ZP Characterizing one of the bioprinters

At ZP we strive to make the most accurate biosensors we can for our customers and clients, and that means characterizing and calibrating our equipment so we understand the impact of our manufacturing kit upon the sensors and biosensors.


We wanted to validate that we are printing the volumes we think we are, therefore we performed a gravimetric test where we printed 200 x 1 µL volumes, and measured the weight of what was dispensed.

Theoretically we should dispense 0.200 g per test, assuming the density of water of 1 kg/L 

We repeated the test five times.



Over the five tests we deposited an average 193.2±1.42 𝑚𝑔,with relative standard deviation of 0.74 % , n = 5

We wanted to account for evaporation and so we monitored the rate of evaporation, over the testing time, and this accounted for the 3.5 % offset between what should have dispensed and what we measured.