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Manufacturer of Screen Printed Electrodes

At Zimmer and Peacock we carry our contract development and manufacturing of electrodes, sensors and biosensors. ZP is different in that we understand and can perform the entire workflow from: printing to functionalizing, to addition of microfluidics to final calibration of batches.

In this article we expand upon this and describe some ways of getting to market quicker.

ZP Wearables Munich

ZP knows that one of the futures for the garment and sportswear industry are wearable biosensors. All the easy parameters such as ECG, pulse, temperature have been measure, BUT at ZP we are tackling the hard parameters, including: lactate, glucose, hydration, pH, sodium, potassium in a wearable format.

Our mission at ZP is to accelerate the time it takes get smart wearable biosensors to market.

ZP is a super friendly company so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Calibrated biosensors @ZP

At ZP we manufacture biosensors, sensors and IVD. We develop and manufacture for our clients and we also have a range of standard products. At ZP we are increasing our service offering by offering the batch and individual calibration of our sensors and biosensors. We have previously discussed the use of RFID tags, in this video we discuss the use of QR codes.
At ZP we are able to manufacture biosensors, but we are also able to functionally calibrate these sensor. Please contact us to find out more.