Zimmer and Peacock are delighted to be speaking at the Medical Connected Healthcare Forum, 2019 at Medica.

Date and time – 18 November 2019 @ 11 AM to 13:00 PM.


Abstract –¬†In this talk ZP will discuss how choosing the right technology behind your wearable biosensor ideas will cut the cost, the time and the risk of getting to market.
Everyone wants reliable and accurate wearable biosensors for their Healthcare and Wellness Ideas and often they need the technology at consumer level pricing. In this discussion ZP will give examples of how the strategy of borrowing from the glucose strip manufacturing world leads to a wearable biosensor platform at a sensible price point.
We will discuss what borrowing means in terms of the: Science. Engineering and Manufacturing lessons that can be learnt.
A central theme of the talk is that biosensors and printed electronics are not separate disciplines rather they are a single discipline for those wanting to achieve a wearable biosensor platform, and a working example will be presented during the discussion.