ZP AS has launched the world’s first biosensor and IVD incubator both onsite and online. We are living in a IoT revolution where everything will be connected to the Cloud/internet and where data will be continuously streamed and translated into actionable information in real time by AI.

The issue is that when you survey the world’s sensor landscape you find that whilst there are thousands of condition sensors such as temperature, pressure, locations, movement sensors etc there is a distinct lack of chemical and biochemical sensors. The irony is that most of the data streams that are commercially interesting are the biological, biochemical and chemical data, but the necessary sensors such as: glucose, lactate, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, pH, nitrate, phosphate, potassium, sodium calcium, alcohol, redox, etc were not commercially available. At ZP we have many of the biological, biochemical and chemical sensors that would otherwise be missing from the commercial landscape. Our business model has always been to accelerate our customers and clients to market and so we have these sensors on the shelf so that companies and entrepreneurs can quickly test an idea or a concept and not be inhibited by the lack of a sensor.

Our experience at ZP is that companies, academics and entrepreneurs will buy and try one of our off the shelf sensors, gather some proof-of-principle data and then move forward with us to develop a sensor that are more tailored towards their idea, market and application.