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Touchscreen for sensors, biosensors and IVD

Zimmer and Peacock are focused on getting all our clients and customers to market with their sensor, biosensor, IVD products. We know that the end-user wants a simple interface and so for certain category of products, end users and applications ZP is able to provide our client with touchscreens.

Chilli and Garlic in one app

Zimmer and Peacock have expanded their FoodSense application to now have Garlic Pungency alongside Chilli hotness. This means that when you chose the FoodSense Technology from ZP you are in fact getting two instruments.

ZP @ WT Wearables Munich

Zimmer and Peacock see that the future of human health and well being is wearable sensors and biosensors. At ZP we are working on the difficult sensors, including: lactate, glucose, pH, sodium, potassium and pH.

Please come and see ZP at WT – Wearables Technologies Europe 2019 in Munich where we will be exhibiting.

Connecting to a CGM

At ZP we are leading contract developers of technologies for continuously monitoring: glucose, lactate, sodium, pH, potassium and pH in multiple invitro and invivo formats. In this image we show that we care about every aspect including how to make electrical connection.

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