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Is lactate the new glucose?

Is lactate the new glucose? In the biosensors market everybody loves continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), but from a commercial perspective everyone is asking ‘what is next?, and for the last 10 years the analyte that is often raised as the next glucose is lactate...

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Lactate sensors from ZP

ZP has the widest range of lactate sensors on the market, from lactate strips, to wearable lactate sensors to minimally invasive lactate sensors.   Please click the buttons below to find out more. . facebooktwitterlinkedin

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ZP @ Clinical Data and Medical Devices

 In November 2020 ZP will be ISO 13485 certified for biosensor development and manufacturing. Today two of our engineers were at a Clinical Data and Medical Devices Workshop ensuring that we are current with the state of the art in biosensor and medical diagnostics...

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