Point of care medical diagnostics

In the past patients’ samples be it blood, plasma, serum, urine etc would be collected and sent to a centralised lab for testing; the issue with this is that the doctor couldn’t have real-time feedback in order to make informed medical decisions.

ZP is part of the movement to take clinical assays and move them into to doctor’s office and the patient’s homes, we do this  by reducing cumbersome assays and diagnostics down to point-of-care-devices (POC) using relectrochemical sensors, lab-on-a-chip and microfluidics. 

Point of care veterinary diagnostics

ZP has a number of pre-existing sensors suitable for animal health applications; our team is able to partner with companies and academics interested in developing additional diagnostic tests and assays for the animal health and wellbeing market.


Wearable biosensors

The future of medical, wellbeing and sports performance is wearable sensors. At ZP we are ahead of the game with a wearable biosensor platform available to our customers and clients. ZP is different as we don’t focus on the easy parameters like heart rate, steps etc, rather we are focusing on glucose, lactate, hydration etc.

Continuous glucose monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitoring provides real value to Type One diabetics and is increasingly being considered for Type Two diabetics. ZP has helped many of our customers and clients in the development of their CGM technology, through development programs and as their manufacturing partner. ZP has off the shelf CGM technology including sensors and electronics.

Sweat analytes monitoring

ZP has several off the shelf solutions and technologies for those wishing to develop or deploy technologies for monitoring analytes in the sweat or on the skin,; our current capabilities include: lactate, glucose, pH, ammonia, sodium, potassium, oxidative stress; please contact us for more information or to have a conversation. 

Biology, Food, Soil and Water

Food, Agriculture and Aquaculture testing

ZP appreciates that sensors for environmental, soil and water monitoring are critical . At ZP we are partnering with clients to develop the sensors of the future for application from food quality control to soll monitoring; sensors so far developed include: nitrate sensors, potassium , chilli sensors, garlic sensors etc.

Bioreactor and cell culture monitoring

The parameters important to cell culture and bioreacotrs are: pH, glucose, lactate, oxygen etc. At ZP we have all of these sensors on the shelf, adn we help customers an clients adapt these specifc to their technology adn applications.

Water analysis and monitoring

From pesticides, to fertilizers to heavy metals, to microbes, to salinity, water  is challenged in many ways, At ZP we have the sensors and understanding to apply one of our existing sensors or adapt to our clients specific needs and applications.

Fast biosensor development

ZP is an experienced team who day in day out develop the electrochemical assays and sensors requested by our clients, please contact us to take adavantage of our fast services. 

Reagants manufacturing

ZP knows it is not enough to just develop electrochemical sensors and assays we also need to develop and manufacture the reagents, buffers and solutions please contactg us to take advantage of thsi serive.

Development of go-to-market systems

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Other Applications

Engineering services

ZP is a team of engineers and scientists, who offer engineering, scientific, development and manufacturing services centered around electrochemical sensor, biosensor and IVD.

Online & realtime technical support

ZP is a cutting edge company and this extends to our customer support. If you are a clients or customer of ZP please expect to be able to reach us rapidly and meet with us online where we will be able to have meaningful technical meetigns through our virtual meetign room technology. 

Market analysis and financial modelling

ZP understands that it is rarely the technology that is the issue when developing and manufacturing electrochemical sensors, biosensors and IVD, rather it is the market and buisenss case. Please contact Zp to engage us to help determine the buisness case for your idea.