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Components for a wearable potassium sensor

On this page we have linked to the parts that we see as necessary for making a first prototype of a wearable potassium sensor. We have linked to the electronics, the sensors, the microfluidic patch, and some test solutions.   Our intention is that you combine...

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ZP Developers Zone 25 February 2024

A weekly webinar from ZP answering questions for this week. All answers are anonymized and there is no need to watch live as the webinar is recorded. Questions this week: Questions One - Raman Spectroscopy on ZP Screen Printed Carbon Electrode Question Two –...

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ZP FoodSense Weekly Webinar 21 February 2024

A weekly webinar from ZP FoodSense discussing technical questions that have come in during the week.   Question One - how to calculate the hotness/SHU of a product from the ingredients. Question Two Dry weight SHU Wet weight SHU Consumer SHU experience Question...

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