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ZP – CGM and Biosensor Workshop

Zimmer and Peacock are the World's leading ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology and Wearable Biosensors.   In this workshop ZP will provide a technical introduction to CGM and other wearable biosensors,...

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ZP welcomes visiting academics

Zimmer and Peacock has a very inclusive culture, and this extends to our academic colleagues around the globe. ZP is often asked whether we can host visiting academics and so we have summarised our policy here. #ZP #biosensors facebooktwitterlinkedin

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Biosensors for Arsenic in Water

In this video we discuss the use of carbon and graphene screen printed electrodes in the detection of arsenic. #ZP #biosensors #Electrochemical biosensors facebooktwitterlinkedin

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