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ZP Chilli Group at ASTA

The ZP Chilli Group are exhibiting their Garlic and Chilli pungency products at the ASTA 2019 in Florida.

Zahner launch the new Zennium E4

Zimmer and Peacock are delighted to announce the Zahner Zennium E4, a potentiostat with great performance that is able to compete with economic potentiostats.

Self filling sensors @ZP

ZP has launched a system for researchers in industry and academia to construct their own self-filling/capillary filling sensors and biosensors.

Printed circuit board electrodes (PCB) @ZP

At ZP we are very keen on innovating, developing and manufacturing around sensors, biosensors and IVDs. This week we are planning to test some new gold electrodes made by PCB fabrication. We will test the PCB electrodes over 7 days to understand the quality and the robustness of these electrodes. As you can see in the image we will test 4 electrode assemblies in parallel.