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Choosing an ink for SPE

At ZP we use the best materials for the right job. In a recent post we discuss how choosing the wrong ink for a screen printed electrode can result in an assay working or not. We also discuss that sometimes it doesn’t matter. Read more here.

ZP team in Horten

At ZP we are based in three countries: USA, Norway and UK. In the picture you can see that our Norwegian team follows a Norwegian work custom and everyone has lunch together. If you are working with ZP on electrodes, biosensors or sensors, please be certain that ZP truly means team.

Electronics for CGM and wearable biosensors

At Zimmer and Peacock we provide contract development and manufacturing for CGM sensors and wearable biosensors, including: glucose, lactate, pH, sodium, potassium and hydration.

ZP – new flow cell

Zimmer and Peacock add a new flow cell to their range of flow cells for electrodes, sensors and biosensors.

ZP expands at one of our facilities

Zimmer and Peacock is expanding one of our facilities to cope with the expansion in the business. Please join us on a quick walk through as the builders prepare the location.