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ZP at TriConference San Francisco

Thank you for talking to ZP at Tri Conference this week. The main focus of ZP is to be part of getting our clients and customers to market. At the conference we discussed sensors for: protein, DNA/RNA, potassium, sodium, pH, calcium, ammonium, chloride, nitrate, etc.

ZP solution for manufacturing glucose sensors

At ZP we understand that people have a desire to have a glucose sensors highly integrated into their products, in this video we show how a glucose solution from ZP can be used to create a glucose sensor on their product.

ZP launches Nitric Oxide Sensors

At ZP we are always expanding our range of sensors and biosensors so we are delighted to announce our new nitric oxide sensor (NO).

How to form a SAM layer on a gold electrode

A large number of people are forming SAM on gold electrodes so we have put together a note to help people in their development. Please click here to find out more.

What can you do with conductance?

At ZP we love simple techniques that offer powerful insight, that is why we love conductance and admittance measurement. From conductance we can calculate conductivity and if we know temperature then we can calculate parameters that are super interesting for applications and measurements including: salinity, osmolarity/osmolality, hydration etc.

Disposable sensors for bioreactors

At ZP we see one of the futures of bioreactors and cell cultures is low cost solid state sensors, including pH sensors. At ZP we have recently used our pH sensors in a cell culture experiment. Our intention was to answer a frequently asked question ‘ can your biosensors be used with cells?’.

ZP exhibiting at Medica 2019

ZP has grown massively in 4 years and so we are delighted to be now exhibiting at Medica 2019. We will be at the Wearables Stand so please stop by.