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ZP’s Oxidation/Anti-oxidant Sensors

There are many applications where measuring the oxidation or reduction potential of the material or solution is interesting. This can range from determining the stress in animals, to the shelf life of foods, to the viability of cells.

There are many ways to determine the oxidation state/anito-oxidative properties of samples; at ZP we have three sensors for measuring oxidation and antioxidation properties: FRAP, TAS, ORP.

ZP’s Chilli Technology Group at ASTA

This week ZP’s Food Technology Group was at ASTA 2019, where we demonstrated our chilli hotness sensor, garlic pungency sensor and discussed that we are expanding the functionality of the meter to include rapid infield pathogen detection.

We have included some buttons below which cover ZP, the current technology and the coming pathogen technology.

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ZP working on E. Coli Rapid Detection Sensor

ZP and our sister company Aliksir are developing a rapid infield detection of E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria sensor for the Food and Beverage Industry. These sensors will be able to work upon our current food testing platform. so one meter will be able to test from food quality to food safety.

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