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ZP launches Uric Acid Biosensor

At ZP we truly believe that biosensors are the future, and so we are happy to announce our latest biosensor to go to market, which is an enzyme based amperometric sensor for uric acid.

The team grows at Aliksir

ZP’s sister company Aliksir is in full swing and this week we welcomed new members to the team.

Calibrating disposable pH sensors

At ZP we are big supporters of our clients. On our website we try to give some guidance on how to start integrating the pH sensors into their systems.

Report out from the 5th Workshop on Microfluidic Standards

At ZP we are big supporters of the MFA (MicroFluidic Association) and their efforts to standardise and produce ISO standards for microfluidics. In the buttons below we link to their most recent report.

At ZP we are synonymous with sensors, biosensors and in-vitro-diagnostics (IVD), and therefore for every sensor we develop and manufacture there is often a need for microfluidics. At ZP we absolutely know that the preparation and transportation of the sample to the sensor is intrinsic to the real-world robustness of the assay, but at ZP we completely understand that the microfluidcs have to reach a competive cost at high manufacturing volumes.