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Sensors for: wine, garlic, chillies and pH

Please follow this video to find and download the FoodSense app – today it can monitor: the hotness of chilli, the pungency of garlic, the sulfite in wine and the pH of samples.

Integrating apps with sensors and biosensors

At Zimmer and Peacock we are helping our clients, collaborators and customers to get their electrochemical sensors and biosensors onto the app store. Please watch this video to find out more.

Sensors for Athletes

In this note we discuss two biochemical parameters important for elite and professional athletes. Further we discuss the importance of continuously monitoring these parameters as opposed to periodically discrete measurements. Click here to read the full note.

Sensors for Wellbeing

In this note we discuss how well-being can be continuously monitored by biochemical parameters through wearable skin patch biosensors. This note shows that a person’s ability to stay well, resist stress and diseases and reduce their cancer risks are impart governed by their anti-oxidation level (AOL). Click here to read the full note.