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Wearable Expo

This week ZP were at the Wearable Technology Meeting at the Moscone Centre, where we presented our ecFLEX wearable platform. The ecFLEX platform can be integrated with our range of biosensors and offers an immediate jump start to any wearable biosensors programme.

Zimmer and Peacock in Italia

This week the ZP team were working hard with our clients to develop a world beating diagnostics technology.

Improved LOD with ZP SPE Au electrodes

At Zimmer and Peacock we are big fans of screen-printed gold electrodes, in this recent publication the authors were able to get an improved limit of detection on a ZP Au SPE.

Analysis of wine in a French Cafe

At ZP we are clearly big believers in electrochemistry, we think it is a very robust technique able to deal with everyday samples, including wine.
In the video our intrepid scientists brave the beautiful cafes of Grenoble to bring you a street demonstration of why electrochemistry is a great technique for real-world analysis.