Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)/hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) is used as a broad spectrum anti-microbial, and is used to decontaminate small objects to entire hospital wards.   The use of VHP has risen to prominence during COVID-19 pandemic. It is considered a means by which to sterilize the Corona virus.


The hydrogen peroxide is passed onto the sample or into the ambient environment in the form of a vapor by a VHP generator.  The issue is that many of the hydrogen peroxide generators on the market generate vapor in the range 140 ppm to 1400 ppm during their decontamination cycle, and this needs to be cleared before an area can be re-entered. A VHP concentration of 75 ppm or more is considered immediately dangerous to human health and life.  An area is considered safe to enter once the VHP is < 1 ppm.