ZP Ltd is the UK’s leading independent contract developer and manufacturer of biosensors and IVDs, and we are delighted that we have been successful in receiving UK grants; with which we have developed UK products and created UK jobs.

At ZP we do see that our core competencies of sensors, biosensors and in-vitro diagnostics are very much aligned with the UK Government’s strategic aims.

ZP has a strong grant position as we are profitable based on the revenues of our products and services, and so ZP is able to participate in funding opportunities normally outside of the reach of SMEs. This is based on over six years of continuous revenue generation and profitability.

We are now looking to teams/individuals with grant writing experience to clearly present the alignment of our goals with the Government’s diagnostic strategies, and to specifically participate in grant writing with us, in order to accelerate our R and D and commercialization of electrochemical sensing based technologies.