ZP specializes in the development of electrochemically driven sensors for a range of markets and applications.

The data these sensors yield drives important decisions, both in real-time and long-term, and without systems to securely transfer, catalogue, organize, analyse, interpret, and secure the data, the impact of sensing is diminished.

At ZP we constantly drive to improve our data management and the systems that maintain it, but of course our systems are only as good as the engineering team behind it. At ZP we are looking for server-side engineers who have a passion for data.

Valuable skill sets include: the ability to work in an international multi-developer team, creative and critical thinking, server-based IT systems, experience with databases, signal processing and analysis knowledge, a love for data.

lt would be great if you had: multi-language programming (JavaScript, Python, Julia, HTML, query languages), experience with Node.js or GraphQL.

If you would like to work with one of the world’s leading biosensor development teams please don’t hesitate to contact us.