Fishtag is our name for a fully funded PhD with ZP As in Horten in Norway. The PhD will be funded by ZP and co-supervised with USN. The PhD is slated to start January 2021.

With an increasing global population we will need to provide high value protein and nutrition to feed us all, and part of this will have to come from aquaculture.

At ZP we are passionate about people and we understand that we can’t sustain our population by taking over more and more of the planet’s resources, therefore at ZP we see that aquaculture and marine fish farming has to be part of the food chain. If we are going to use fish farming as part of our food chain strategy then it needs to be as efficient and sustainable. We see that this comes in a large part form the welfare of the fish.

Our answer at ZP is to developer fish wellness technology so that the fish are healthy, production is optimised, and the quality of the product into our food chain is maximised.

To monitor the wellness of the salmon in pens ZP is developing an implantable fish tag, which is a small inserted device fitted with ZP biosensors. The device will collect biochemical data from the fish and eventually pass the data to a receiver for Cloud based analytics.

We are looking for a world class ambitious scientist/engineer able to engage with electrochemical biosensors and able to lead an effort to bring an idea to a minimally viable product (MVP), during their PhD.

This is not your typical PhD as you will be embedded among an elite team of system level biosensor developers and so the brain power and resources of ZP AS will be around you.

If you are able to get things done and motivate others to deliver your vision then please contact Even Zimmer.