Zimmer and Peacock will be speaking at Sensors in Medicine

Thursday, October 22nd
Wearable sensors from: wire, to needle, to sweat
2:30 pm-2:50 pm
Zimmer and Peacock will be discussing Wearable Biosensors and Transdermal Biosensors. In this talk we are including a live demo from our team in Norway. We will focus on true wearable biosensors discussing, glucose, lactate, chloride, hydration etc.

We start with wearable transdermal glucose continuous monitoring (CGM) sensors for type 1 diabetes and include the original wearable biosensor, GlucoWatch, and finish with the current state of the art in the CGM space. We will take a wider look at the upcoming hydration monitoring technologies, including the integration of biosensors into clothing and contrast wearable biosensors fabrication using screen printing with embroidery.

Finally, we will discuss the technology for smart bandages and answer the question why smart wound care is not on the market.

Dr. Martin Peacock(Speaker)Zimmer& Peacock, Director