At ZP, our matrix organizational structure groups team members by function, product, service, project, and clients, allowing us to have a multifaceted approach to problem-solving and decision-making. This structure enables us to draw on different areas of expertise and different perspectives from our team members, leading to more efficient use of resources as team members can work on multiple projects or with multiple teams simultaneously. Engaging services and effort from ZP gives clients access to a large reservoir of talent. For example, a client may have a program with ZP that has five full-time-equivalents (FTEs) on the program, but in reality, the five people could be drawn from a much larger talent pool. Our business analytics at ZP reveal that though five FTEs may be on a program, in fact, thirty-two people may be contributing, making the FTEs much more powerful than a single full-time-employee with a classic employment contract hired within the client’s business.