ZP is a very unusual manufacture of screen printed electrodes as we are by far the largest consumer of our own electrodes by volume. This means that the electrodes that we makae available to on our webstore are tested by ZP so that we have the great quality for our products, and we then share that quality with the community by also selling them on our webstore for R and D assessment only.

INTER and INTRA sheet variability

ZP has four unique technologies for manufacturing screen printed electrodes:

1) Processes – ZP is an ISO13485 company and so running processes within a quality system is inherent to us.

2) Volume and frequency of manufacturing – ZP has set up business processes that means our manufacture of screen printed electrodes is always live; many screen printed electrodes offered to the R and D community are made in small batches and very infrequently. This results in a very irrepeatable product and so it is commonly reported by the R and D community that the products from other vendors have terrible repeatability.

3) High volume testing – ZP has a propriatary parallel potentiostat, that we also make available to the R and D community that allows us to to perform higher volume testing. 

4) Data Analytics – ZP has a propriatary data management system, called Djuli, that means that the volumes of data collected in the our test labs immediatley transfers to our Cloud, where the Djuli analyses the electrochemical data and automatically extracts the key performance indicators from each voltammogram, so we can fail a single electrode and we can amalgamate the data from a sheet and then compare sheets. On this page we show the intrasheet variability and the intersheet variability for a run from ZP. Djuli is also available to the community.