A weekly webinar from ZP answering technical questions for this week. The webinar is recorded so there is no need to watch live.


Questions this week.


Question One – where we used a custom-built electrochemical biosensor to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus in human breath and ambient air. As the next step, we are planning to modify our device and integrate it with a few commercial biosensors sold by ZP to showcase the platform’s modularity and flexibility to easily integrate with any biosensor. Question Two – Sensors for Agriculture Question 1A – Have you studied the compatibility of your sensors with whole blood? Question 1B- What is an expected sensor lifetime? Question 1C – How often do they need to be calibrated, and how does that work technically? Question 1D – What would sensor accuracy be in such a use case? Question 1E – What would sensor delay be in such a use case? Question 1F – How much do the sensors cost at scale? Question 1G – You offer some microneedle-type sensors. I am curious about those too. How can we get started with your sensors? (Starter kits for test in our laboratory. Which ones should we buy? Q4A. Can I Program this mentioned device and synchronize with other software like LabView etc.