Electrochemical Biosensors for DNA detection

In this video we dive into the science of DNA detection on electrochemical biosensors, we describe the purification, amplification through PCR and finally detection on electrochemical biosensors.. More training videos from ZP can be found by clicking the button below....

Improving our nitrate sensor

At ZP we are always aiming to better our existing products, regularly challenging ourselves to think outside the box! That being said we have decided to embark on a new material study to identify if we can improve both the robustness and the accuracy of our already...

Smiling faces of our ZP interns

At ZP we are always searching for new talent to join our team. Recently we recruited Amanda and Gregor to join our nitrate team both Mechanical Engineers who are currently studying Biomedical Technology at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.   If you are interested or...

Thank you to the UK’s National Physical Laboratory

This week, ZP would like to say thank you to the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for their recent work as part of the Measurement for Recovery (M4R) programme, which gives UK business access to world-leading measurement. facebooktwitterlinkedin

the bank sent ZP flowers

ZP received a nice gift in the post today, flowers from the bank. We must be doing something right. facebooktwitterlinkedin