The SenseItAll (SIA) platform is open to independent developers and manufacturers of screen printed electrodes, sputtered electrodes, vapour deposited/ablated electrodes, PCB fabricated electrodes, electroplated etc. In this video we discuss how companies, academics and developers, other than ZP, can follow some simple design rules and deliver a products compatible with the SenseItAll (SIA) platform.

The video aims to introduce the concept of independent printing companies or developers of biosensors using the SenseItAll platform. The platform allows for the integration of various sensors or screen-printed electrodes, provided they adhere to specific design and manufacturing guidelines. By following these rules, developers can create functionalized sensors that seamlessly connect to the SenseItAll technology stack. This streamlined process enables faster development of sensor products compared to traditional methods that involve separate hardware and software development. The SenseItAll platform accommodates different types of electrodes, including screen-printed electrodes, printed circuit boards, and sputtered materials.